Alexandra Botiz and Associates 

Alexandra Botiz welcomes the opportunity to meet you to discuss the benefits of allowing our team to serve your real estate needs. Well-versed in real estate and sales life-cycle, fierce negotiators and strategists, our agents understand that clients are the ones who define the standards of quality and service and that their loyalty must be earned. We strongly believe that real estate is more than just a business or a job; it's a lifestyle in which you build and connect into lifelong relationships. 

Reach out today. Trust is hard to come by in today's competitive real estate market. Alexandra Botiz and Associates will provide you with the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, and utmost confidentiality.

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Alexandra Botiz
c: 773.273.1591


Haider Amer
Director Marketing & Sales Offshore 
o: 800.505.8117 



Renatte Botiz
Executive Assistant